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The first Indian tea from Assam was sent to United Kingdom for Public Sale. Then later in it extended to other parts of country between 50's and 60's of the last century.

Production in Assam-the largest tea producing state in India, recorded a 9.6 % growth.

India is the second largest producer of tea in the world with production at 979 million kg in 2009.

Raj Milan Tea Group is a premium company producing  premium quality Assam tea is specially sourced from the Upper Assam Gardens. It offers you a strong taste, rich color and pleasant aroma. It's a Special tea made from Special leaves for Special tea-drinker!

“TEA” the word itself gives us the feeling of freshness. This simple three letter word has the capacity to transform our mood. Take it with plain hot water OR add a touch of milk, tea makes our mornings fresh and enhances the joy of our evenings.

Raj Milan Tea, a unique organization to carter to its, progress. Company is engaged in processing and packing of teas in consumer packs. The company is setting up the most modern flavor tea processing plant in District Rajkot.

Our strong market presence and overwhelming response to our brand are a testimony to our stringent quality.

Directors have benchmark a rich and successful experience in the field of tea production blending and distribution.The company has a widespread distributor network covering the city, towns & even tiny villages of Saurashtra & Gujarat region.

The experts of Raj Milan group keep a constant eye in the improvement of product for its flavor, taste & aroma. The tea before purchase is tested in the laboratory by the experts. In the choice of the good tea the company only trusted on the garden of India. It is difficult to process to make a decision for the taste of tea because there is no machinery used to check.